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Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab


Port of Koverhar, Finland


Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab has acquired several material handling machines from Mantsinen Group. Two of these operate at port of Koverhar located in the city of Hanko in Finland. Large material handling machines improve operational efficiency and bring competitive advantage. Mutual development projects also take operations further.

Oy Adolf Lahti Yxpila Ab is Finland’s leading heavy material handling service company, that handles approximately 35,000 tons of material in a day. Their services include everything from material handling and factory services to raw wood handling, maintenance services and logistics processes. Adolf Lahti operates in over 20 locations in Finland. Mantsinen machines are used in Kotka, Vuosaari, Koverhar and soon also in Tornio.

Koverhar harbor is an excellent location for large bulk material streams. Around million tons of material is handled there per year. The harbor serves transshipments from Russia via Finland to the global market as well as domestic transportation. The harbor operator is Adolf Lahti´s sister company Oy M. Rauanheimo Ab.

”We have two Mantsinen 300R machines in Koverhar. The material handling concentrates on coal, biofuels and recycled metal. The demands for loading efficiency are high and according to the shipping terms material should be handled 24/7, so when a ship arrives the loading begins immediately”, tells Regional Director of Southern Finland Pekka Pöllänen from Adolf Lahti.

The demands for loading efficiency are high. We value Finnish quality.

Pekka Pöllänen – Regional Director, Adolf Lahti

Flexible and cost competitive

Adolf Lahti is a part of KWH Logistics group, which is a Finnish family-owned company just like Mantsinen.

”The availability in this  machine size range is limited and we value Finnish quality. Mantsinen has delivered the material handling machines in a flexible manner within a fast schedule at a competitive price. We have also been able to make the needed changes to the machines easily.”

Not just machines, but a comprehensive way of operating

Adolf Lahti has ongoing development projects with Mantsinen.

”Together with Mantsinen ja Neste we have executed a project concerning automatic monitoring of fuel consumption. The fuel distributor gets information from Mantsinen Insight service and can send a fuel truck to the location at the right time”, Pöllänen gives an example. 

“Our relationship with Mantsinen is open and collaborative. Instead of just buying the machines, we are acquiring a comprehensive and efficient way of operating. At the same time we ensure even better transparency and reporting to our clients.”


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