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    Lead by Data.


    Monitor your operations and performance wherever you are

    With Mantsinen Insight you will improve your performance and remain at the leading edge of your business.

    MANTSINEN INSIGHT™ provides comprehensive information from individual material handling machines to a whole fleet.

    By following over 150 outputs per a machine we will ensure, that you keep track of your operations, on-site and remotely – wherever you are.



    Monitor operations & performance wherever you are

    MANTSINEN INSIGHT™ provides valuable data and intelligence to improve your efficiency and productivity.

    Insight increases transparency and facilitates data-driven operations, while reducing deviations caused by human or lack of a comprehensive monitoring system. Insight can be used from a remote monitoring room or from the machine cockpit.


    ● Follow the machine and fleet data remotely
    ● Over 150 outputs per machine, including Volvo Penta engine information and machine CAN bus
    ● Follow up of machine investments, operations and profitability
    ● Enables preparation for service tasks and maximizes machine utilization and availability
    ● Data-based facts increase transparency and enable more reliable calculations of operative profitability and ROI
    ● Automated reports available when needed
    ● Lead by Data

    Mantsinen Insight™ enables us to be one step ahead:
    we can predict upcoming maintenance needs and solve possible error situations as fast as possible.

    Wim Busser, Purchase and Support Director — BCTN


    Mantsinen Insight™ offers valuable data to improve the efficiency and productivity of your material handling operations. Automatic reporting provides a comprehensive overview of your fleet and operational status.

    • Scheduled reporting (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
    • Productivity and Efficiency views
    • Visualized data (over 150 data signals)
    • Scheduled maintenance documentation tool
    • History data
    • Global SIM-card
    • Control system remote connection for Mantsinen technical support.
    • Sensor and fault code data for local dealer and Mantsinen technical support.


    Mantsinen Insight™ Data Interface is an option available with Mantsinen Insight™ that enables data integration from Mantsinen Insight™ Cloud to client’s own systems. With Data Interface, valuable data obtained from material handling machines can be integrated directly into the client’s existing software.

    • Allows automatic reports directly to your IT-systems.
    • Information enables learning, lower costs,
      easier reporting and more efficient data analysis.
    • Commonly followed data points are machine hours,
      consumption, fuel tank level and work cycle data.
    • Insight™ Cloud keeps all your data safe and secured.




    Mantsinen Insight™ enables analysis and improvement of operational performance by providing instant feedback on the health of the machine. This helps ensure maximum utilization, operator comfort and safety from the machine investment.

    • Increased awareness of machine operations
    • Fact-based performance
    • Identification of development and training needs
    • Improvement in availability, safety and comfort



    Transparency and facts for decision-making are key to efficient management. Objective information from monitoring one or multiple sites with Insight replaces guesswork with real data.

    • Efficiency figures at machine level
    • Cost per tonne
    • Realistic planning for each machine and operator production capacity


    Mantsinen Insight™ lifts operational monitoring to a new level by providing real data for return on investment analysis and more efficient operational reporting, such as overview of multi-fleet operations and on-site activities.

    • Evaluation of investment and utilization rate
    • Comparison between sites
    • Better reporting to the stakeholders



    United Kingdom

    Result-driven team work

    Mantsinen’s UK distributor, Cooper Handling Group cooperates closely with both their own clients and Mantsinen. Lifting machine performance has traditionally been a subjective issue based on opinion. One operator might rate a machine as excellent, while another rates the same machine as average. However, the Mantsinen Insight™ system delivers facts, which always outweigh opinions where it counts.

    As the saying goes, ‘If it is not measured, it is not managed’. Insight provides direct management of each asset and how it is operated. It also provides a real competitive edge on emotive matters such as fuel consumption, where competitors’ claims are often based on estimates with no evidential proof.

    – The introduction of factual information into machine operations assists both in the management of that customer and asset, but promotes further growth with repeat business, David Cooper, Director, Cooper Handling Group.

    The customer referred to in this reference case is Port of Teignmouth, Associated British Ports (ABP).




    Optimisation through Insight

    Mantsinen’s own Logistic Services unit operates a fleet of electric material handlers at the Äänekoski Bioproduct Mill in Finland. The mill produces approximately 1.3 million tonnes of pulp and a variety of bioproducts per annum, plus a variety of bioproducts.

    The Mantsinen crew is responsible for woodyard operations, including wood supply to the mill. With the help of Insight, the service team noticed a number of pressure peaks and wanted to determine whether they are operator or machine related.
    The situation was normalized and efficiency improved also by enlarging the grapple size based on the data. This is a prime example of an inefficiency that can remain undetected by the human eye, but is easily identified and solved with the continuous data provided by Insight.

    Mantsinen uses its own Logistic Services for field testing Mantsinen Insight™ and other innovations, so customers can rest assured that our solutions are proven in real conditions.


    Available for Mantsinen machines manufactured from 2017 onwards

    Prices from 99 € / month / asset


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