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    Why Choose a career at Mantsinen Group?



    Why choose a career at Mantsinen Group?

    Mantsinen is and will always be a family company that cares about its employees: Our personnel stand at the very heart of our success – they dedicate their skills, knowledge, and creativity to generate new solutions to material handling community.

    Therefore, it is important for us to provide a healthy work environment and support professional as well as personal development and education of our personnel.

    At Mantsinen, one of the cornerstones of our daily work is responsibility, which promotes safety and equality throughout the whole organisation. For us it is also the contribution to make the future more sustainable.


    Mantsinen People

    Our machine operator Iida Vartiainen describes, what her career has been like so far. A healthy and supportive work environment is important for us, as well as supporting the professional development and training of our personnel.

    You can be a material handling machine operator in Finland and utilize your professional skills by training machine drivers in Brazil. Look at the story of Teemu and Pekka, what they think about their work community and how they have leveraged their skills at Mantsinen.

    Reliable men are needed for a reliable job – Mantsinen Test Driver Team.


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