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    Our Products



    Always the right attachment for the job

    Mantsinen designs and manufactures attachments in-house. The experience that we have gained from decades of operating machines ourselves has given us an edge over other tooling manufacturers. The focus is always on having the best possible tool for each application and material being handled.

    In cases where the load and material are well defined, we can optimize both the attachment and the crane for the specific task, like feeding chemicals for a fertilizer company, loading logs onto trucks, or feeding grain into a silo.

    In most cases there is a need for multi-purpose attachment, for example at a commercial port where their daily business needs vary greatly. In these cases we offer standard or custom made buckets, grabs, hooks, and spreaders, which can be interchanged in a blink of an eye using our robust quick coupling system.

    Whatever goods you want to handle, we have a solution for your application.


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