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Stevens Towing Company


Yonges Island, South Carolina, USA


Stevens Towing Company operates in Yonges Island, South Carolina, near the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. The company is committed to providing freight transportation solutions for plenty of different needs. The company’s fresh acquirement, Mantsinen 60 material handler has begun to fulfill its destiny by getting involved in dredging and barge offloading projects. 

Having been found in 1913, Stevens Towing Company have a vast experience in freight transportation. They started by moving products and passengers from local barrier islands to the city of Charleston, which is located 40 kilometers to the north-east from their headquarters. 

Nowadays towing operations of Stevens Towing Company take place inland, coastwise as well as around the ocean. The fleet of theirs, which consists of tugs, barges, and cranes, has been recently complemented by a new addition: a Mantsinen 60 material handling machine.  

“It met all the specs we needed to have; the lifting capability and also the reach. This has roughly 60 feet of reach and the reliability of doing cycle duty work”, comments off-site project manager Ryan Sechrist. The maximum reach of the machine is about 20 meters with a lifting capacity of 9 tons at 10,5 meters. 

It met all the specs we needed to have; the lifting capability and also the reach. This has roughly 60 feet of reach and reliability of doing cycle duty work.

Ryan Sechrist – Off-site project manager, Stevens Towing Company

The Mantsinen 60M proved to be a perfect match for Stevens Towing Company’s needs also for its compatibility with cycle duty work. Having a big leg space in the cabin enables the driver to stretch his legs, which helps during long shifts. “It just keeps a lot of operator fatigue from happening, especially when you’re in a seat for 12 hours a day.” Sechrist adds. The cabin’s sound insulation, low vibration and high quality interiors create the most comfortable environment for the operator. 

The machine also features Mantsinen Control Systems (MCS), which enables the driver to change work modes to precision mode and to heavy lift mode. According to Sechrist this has been found to provide great help on the job, as precision is needed especially when there are people around the load.  

In the industry where Stevens Towing Company operates, it is normal to have work going on 24/7, which makes it important to minimise the amount of downtime. Remote error logging of the Mantsinen Control System gives technicians a quick start to fix problems that occur, which helps to get the machine back to work in a short amount of time. The time spent on maintentace gets reduced also with the self-grease that the machine does. 


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