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    Need help with your equipment?


    Delivery concept for your needs


    The delivery concept can be tailored to suit your unique needs.

    Depending on the machine’s operating location, availability of offloading berths, and space availability at the terminal or port, Mantsinen can tailor the shipping concept to optimize costs and minimize disruptions to the customer’s operations.


    Know more, perform better


    Get the most out of your potential, and learn how to operate more productively, safely and, conveniently.

    MANTSINEN ACADEMY is a training concept for our customers and dealers to learn more about Mantsinen material handling products and solutions.

    Consulting, Configuration and Simulations

    The Mantsinen online Configurator is a tool used to select and optimize the right machine for the right job.

    With the Configurator we can show, which machine size will be the most optimal to your operational needs and varying applications. It is a true game changer in versatility for creating for example project specific load charts, showcasing the maximum reach, and capacity dimensions of the machine among other things. This information makes it easy to choose the correct machine for your exact needs. As an example, when you have a vessel and environmental details available, it is possible to enter the exact information into the program and configure, and simulate a machine that suits the application. We promise to configure your application in 15 minutes! If you are interested in a real time machine configuration, we serve you globally together with our dealer network.


    Start a conversation around new business opportunities