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    Take full control of your machine

    For more than two decades, Mantsinen has paved the way in energy-saving innovations and sustainable solutions.

    The silhouette of a Mantsinen material handler is a common sight at the largest and busiest ports world-wide. The roots of the Mantsinen machines are planted into the thick soil of practical operations. Thanks to our advanced technologies your work will be more precise, more productive and more profitable – with less effort.

    We have perfected our machinery over the past decades as there were no other suitable machines available to meet our own high demands, which has led to today’s turn key solutions offered by the Mantsinen team.

    The combination of this operational experience and world-class engineering know-how create unique solutions for efficient handling operations. With our deep knowledge, we can optimise your operation and machine configuration.



    We believe in increasing productivity by the means of efficiency.

    We can lower maintenance costs and increase production yields per unit of input. Improvements in operation and process reliability can also lead to reductions in equipment downtime, shutdowns, or system failures.

    Machine accuracy and load controllability reduce the risk of damaged goods. The load can be positioned precisely, and usually without additional machinery in the hold. This has been noticed to reduce damage to the goods by 80 percent, while productivity has doubled compared to the traditional harbor cranes.

    Mantsinen machines are equipped with an advanced MANTSINEN SAFETY SYSTEM as a standard. There is an overload and stability control function, as well as cabin collision prevention with warning and automatic motion cutoff functions. To get precise function of the safety system, there is a possibility to program end customer attachments to the system. Real time load, reach and height information is provided on the graphic user interface, which features a graphic animation of the machine’s operation.


    Red machines create environmental value


    The Mantsinen Hybrilift® energy storage and recovery system decreases energy consumption and costs up to 50%.

    Mantsinen began the testing and development of the Hybrilift already in 2006. With Hybrilift, the energy created by lowering of the booms is accumulated and reused, which significantly reduces the fuel consumption and emissions. Once the main boom is lowered, oil is pumped from a cylinder to pressure accumulators where the gas pressure increases, and energy is accumulated.

    This stored energy is used to raise the boom and stick. More load will be lifted with less energy. Mantsinen Hybrilift material handlers have smaller diesel engines or electric motors as their traditional counterparts. This improves fuel economy and lowers emissions, as well as reduces service costs.

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    • 472g / t

      Conventional Diesel 

    • 302g / t

      Mantsinen Diesel 

    • 0g / t

      Mantsinen Electric 

    While the emission regulations get stricter, Mantsinen offers ways to meet even the most strict requirements. Here is an example of how we have been able to reduce the CO2 emissions per handled ton with different engine and machine types in Rauma, Finland. Calculation is based on green electricity.

    Calculate your efficiency with Mantsinen

    Efficiency with Mantsinen

    Compare your current setup to Mantsinen Diesel and to Mantsinen Electric

    Mantsinen Electric
    Mantsinen Electric

    Annual CO2

    0 kg / per year lbs / per year

    Annual cost


    Mantsinen Electric
    Mantsinen Diesel

    Annual CO2

    0 kg / per year lbs / per year

    Annual cost



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