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    Delivery concept


    Plug and Play Delivery Concept

    The delivery concept can be tailored to suit your unique needs.

    Depending on the machine’s operating location, availability of offloading berths, space availability at the terminal, etc. Mantsinen can tailor the shipping concept to optimize costs and minimize disruptions to the customer’s operations. One of the proven concepts is the fully assembled machine delivery. By delivering the machines complete we are able to minimize disruptions to the local operations and significantly reduce the risks and hazards associated with moving and lifting of the heavy machine components at the terminal.




    The delivery of the world’s biggest material handler consist of many professionals from different organisations. This project was the result of the great team play where every member had an important key role.

    Two of the world’s largest hydraulic cranes were delivered to Belgium, Antwerpen and Ghent. The delivery of two Mantsinen 300 cranes weighed nearly 800 000 kg. The cranes were transported from Finland fully mounted and ready for operation by using a special ro-ro vessel.

    Our journey continues in South America. In April 2019, these six Mantsinen material handling machines were delivered to Uruguay as a fully assembled. Now they have a total 12 Mantsinen machines handling timber on their site.

    Delivering a Mantsinen 300 rubber tire gantry fully assembled and tested from Finland to Jacksonville, FL was not a small task, but the seamless collaboration amongst the partners made it all possible, and the customer was able to receive their machine in one piece and put it to work the next day!


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