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Getting Added Value with Mantsinen Academy


Getting Added Value with Mantsinen Academy

Mantsinen Academy, a training concept meant for machine operators, maintenance staff, and dealers, got its start in February 2020. The three main elements that form the Academy are online webinars, on-site training sessions, and a virtual training platform.

Mantsinen Academy was created to bring consistency in the training of new machine operators. There was a need for a learning environment where people could study the theory by themselves. Providing such a platform ensured that everybody had a similar studying process structure.

Mantsinen Academy gives the future machine operators a mean to study the needed material before the arrival of the new machines.

In addition to the texts, the virtual learning platform also contains questions that need to be answered in order to pass the training. They make the studying more pleasant and fun. Another benefit that the mandatory questions offer is the possibility to track the learning progress of each individual, says Pekka Penttinen, the training manager who is in charge of developing the Academy.

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