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Improved Decision Making with the help of Mantsinen Insight


Improved Decision Making with the help of Mantsinen Insight

In 2020, a service called Mantsinen Insight™ was introduced. Previously known as Mantsinen Telematics System, the concept has gone through a development process lasting for several years, resulting in what it is today.

The original idea for the service came from a customer who asked for a system that enabled remote monitoring of basic indicators such as operating hours. After conducting a market research, it was discovered that there is a reasonable amount of market demand for such a system. This was the beginning for a years-long development process, the outcome of which is a system that provides over 150 different outputs per machine that include Volvo Penta engine information and information coming from CAN bus, says Henri Vänskä, a service engineer from Mantsinen Group.

Mantsinen Insight™ provides comprehensive data monitoring of each individual material handler. The data helps decision making and its main benefits focus on productivity development, consumption reduction, improvement of safety, and preventive maintenance needs.

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