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Metsä Fibre and Mantsinen Group Expand Their Cooperation in Rauma, Finland


Metsä Fibre and Mantsinen Group Expand Their Cooperation in Rauma, Finland

Metsä Fibre, a part Metsä Group, and Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy have agreed to continue and expand their cooperation in Rauma, Finland. With the agreement, Mantsinen Group will continue as the operator of the pulp mill’s woodyard as of 1 March 2021. Mantsinen will also provide wood handling services for the new sawmill under construction. Operation will begin in the third quarter of 2022.


With this new agreement, modern electric machines will be introduced in port operations as well as future sawmill operations. Major part of pulp mill’s woodyard operations have been handled by electric machines already previously. These changes support Metsä Group’s strategic goal towards fossil free mills.

When renewing the machinery, we will be paying special attention to occupational safety and noise control. The safety of operations is ensured by training personnel and taking care of their well-being. Expanding the agreement will create about 20 new jobs for log handling. Operation in the woodyard will be based on modern technological solutions and combining the new operations seamlessly with existing operations in Rauma.

Antti Halonen, Project Engineer at Mantsinen Group

The new Metsä Fibre sawmill will produce around 750,000 cubic metres of pine sawn timber per year. The new sawmill will be a forerunner in technology and efficiency. Mantsinen’s goal has also been to act as a pioneer in its field, which makes the two companies a good match for cooperation.


Mantsinen also cooperates with Metsä Fibre at the Äänekoski bioproduct mill and at Metsä Svir’s sawmill in Russia.

Our close cooperation has been fruitful. We have been able to offer our material handling expertise to Metsä Group. At the same time, their uncompromising safety and quality requirements have allowed us to develop our own operations.

Ilkka Hujanen, Director at Mantsinen Group

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