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Port of Piteå, Sweden


ShoreLink operates in the four northernmost ports of Sweden. The company is committed to providing eco-friendly and cost effective logistic solutions. For ShoreLink, service is not a just a word, but a way of life. ShoreLink has two Mantsinen 120EM material handlers which are part of the ports’ eco-friendly fleet ready to serve the customers.

ShoreLink is a shipping and logistic company operating in three business areas: ShoreLink Terminal takes care of day-to-day operations in ports like unloading and loading in ports; ShoreLink Shipping operates as a shipping agency and forwarder and ShoreLink Transport is a contractor in the machinery and transport sector.

ShoreLink has recently renewed its material handling machines at the Port of Piteå. The annual turnover in Piteå is about 1,8 million metric tons; this constitutes mainly forest products such as kraftliner and paper pulp and solid wood products. Port has two quays, which makes the mobility of machines a top priority. These operational surroundings together with strong focus on eco-friendliness and safety required a tailor made solution.

Mantsinen Group Ltd Oy and ShoreLink cooperated in designing Mantsinen 120EM HybriLift®, an electric powered, rubber tyred gantry material handler.  Machine features the first ever rubber tyred gantry manufactured by Mantsinen.  Mantsinen 120EM HybriLift is equipped with a generator package, which enables ShoreLink to drive the machine easily from one quay to another. The maximum reach of the machine is about 27 meters with a lifting capacity of 10 tons at 20 meters.

The machine has been proven to reduce the energy costs by over 70 % and the lifting capacity has been increased by 50 % when compared to the machines previously.

Roger Bäckman – Mobile Crane Operator, Shorelink

Efficiency, low energy consumption and first rate safety are the values shared by both companies and therefore, those features are present in Mantsinen 120EM HybriLift. The first machine was delivered at the end of 2011, with the second one following in November 2013. Mantsinen 120EM HybriLift was a welcome addition to Mantsinen product range.

Ola Isaksson, the terminal manager at the port of Piteå, commented that ShoreLink has a long term goal to reducing the climate impact of their operations. Choosing Mantsinen 120EM HybriLift was very much part of this strategy: ShoreLink can handle larger vessels; scores higher for operator comfort and safety; combined with lower carbon emissions. Roger Bäckman, mobile crane operator, adds that the machine has been proven to reduce the energy costs by over 70% and the lifting capacity has been increased by 50% when compared to the machines previously used.

Mantsinen 120EM HybriLift was first of its kind and because of this a close co-operation with ShoreLink and Mantsinen team was essential.  ShoreLink has been pleased with Mantsinen team active approach and excellent co-operation. Ola Isaksson admits that Mantsinen has proven itself to be a very much customer focused organization. Ola Isaksson comments that both sales and R&D team has visited ShoreLink to further understand their needs and to share ideas and proposals in order to improve the benefit to them as a customer.

ShoreLink headquarters are in Piteå, Sweden. The company operates in four different ports in Northern Sweden: Piteå, Luleå, Skellefteå and Kalix and handles 5 million metric tons annually. The annual turnover is about 200 million SEK, total number of employees 180 and the company has 110 vehicles in use. 


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