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Belgium and Netherlands


Goeyvaerts-R is a crane and material handling machine rental company for ports and terminals in The Netherlands and Belgium. They have acquired several Mantsinen material handling machines and are very pleased with their reliability, precision, and productivity.

Goeyvaerts-R was established in Antwerp Belgium around 1950 and like Mantsinen, it is also a family-owned company. Goeyvaerts-R rents mobile harbor cranes and material handling machines on a daily-, short- and long-term bases. The company operates in almost every port in Northern Belgium and Southern parts of the Netherlands.

“We provide the right machine and services for the job. Customers do not only rent a machine; we support them with operational knowledge, even operators if needed, and we have a very strong technical department of our own available 24/7. We also provide full logistics services as an on-site stevedore in case customers want to outsource their whole logistics chain”, says Kevin Goeyvaerts, COO and co-owner of Goeyvaerts-R.

In this case productivity can be increased by up to 40-50 % depending on operational situation. Remote controlled tools also provide more safety for the crew.

Kevin Goeyvaerts – COO and co-owner of Goeyvaerts-R

More productivity and safety

Currently Goeyvaerts-R has eight Mantsinen material handling machines ranging from Mantsinen 70 to Mantsinen 300, and they hope to extend their Mantsinen fleet in the future.

“Mantsinen material handling machines are very reliable and really fast with a high level of precision, a great all-round machine. Productivity is more than 10% higher than with conventional cargo handling machines. The development of specialized attachments has brought extra productivity. For example with the coil clamp no auxiliary labour is needed to attach or to detach the coils. In this case productivity can be increased by up to 40-50% depending on operational situation. Remote controlled tools also provide more safety for the crew: fewer people are needed in the danger zones.

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Versatile machines for heavy loads

Mantsinen material handling machines are used in loading and unloading inland barges, coasters, and even some sea-vessels containing bulk and break bulk, e.g. steel scrap, wood chips, coal, construction materials, steel coils, etc.  Goeyvaerts-R has acquired several attachments such as coil clamps, a double C-hook, container spreaders, and also general cargo frames and beams.

Good cooperation is the key

“We have a very close customer relationship with Mantsinen and their local distributor Heavy Handling. Mantsinen has always handled our demands well when we have special needs regarding software, programming, or constructional adjustments. Our customers have also given us positive feedback about Mantsinen machines”, Kevin Goeyvaerts praises.


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